Argan oil
For hair care: revitalizes and leaves hair shiny as well as stimulating cell renewal of the scalp. Some research confirms beneficial properties against hair loss. Pure argan oil is a veritable treasure when it comes to caring for the face, skin, hair, nails and body. It is known in Morocco as liquid gold due to its scarcity and the laborious production process.


Argan oil has a beneficial effect on the skin, providing nutrients while also moisturizing, stimulating blood flow and promoting skin regeneration. Indeed, it is highly regenerative and is recommended for the treatment of skin irritations, eczema and minimizing wrinkles and stretch marks. Its antioxidant properties are also known to prevent premature drying of the skin, combating the natural ageing process and restoring its radiance thanks to its elevated moisturizing power. Its high levels of vitamin E help to naturally reenergize the skin, moisturizing it and combating dryness and premature ageing.


Argan oil comprises up to 80% essential fatty acids, AGE: oleic acid (45%), linoleic acid or vitamin F (35%), alpha-linolenic acid (15%), gamma-linolenic acid (3%), arachidonic acid (1%); it also contains large amounts of tocopherols or vitamin E (around 700 mg/kg), almost three times more than olive oil, for example; carotenoids, of which 50% are beta-carotenes, precursors of vitamin A, phytosterols (D-7sterols) – which are rarely found in vegetable oils – and squalene. There is currently a lot of interest from doctors and researchers in the presence of these sterols in argan oil, especially scotenol (48%) and spinasterol (44%). Up until now, no other vegetable oil is known to have such a concentration of different sterols.